Frequently Asked Questions


1- If I am currently enrolled in another program or diploma, will I be able to apply to the Pro-Green diploma?

Yes, the program is independent of the regular Master programs or diploma. You will have a separate ID for the diploma that identifies as online learner different than your regular master and Undergraduate ID.

2-How much would the Pro-Green Diploma (18 credit program) cost? Are there any other fees?

At AUB, the fee is $300/credit which would in total cost $5,400 for 18 credits. The diploma fees are pain online in dollars to our New York banks accounts. In cases where software is needed, access to computational resources will also be available online.

3-At what times are the courses offered during the term?

The courses are completely online and you can access as per your own schedule. You will listen to the lecture/s per week and do associated assignments on Moodle.

4-What is the English requirement that I have to meet?

Your continuation in the Pro-Green Diploma after the first semester is conditional upon successfully completing the English Language Proficiency Requirements (ELPR). English requirements can be viewed in the table in the Eligibility Requirements section of the website.

5-Is there anyone I can contact regarding my specialization and course load?

Concentration in Energy:
Dr. Nesreen Ghaddar (AUB) -Email: – Phone: +961350000 ext: 3549
Dr. Serag El Din (AUC) – Email:
Dr. Wassim Habchi (LAU) – Email: – Phone: +9619547262 ext: 2233
Concentration in Water:
Dr. Hadi Jaafar (AUB) – Email: – Phone: +961350000 ext: 4570
Dr. Emad Imam (AUC) – Email:
Dr. Mahmoud Wazne (LAU) – Email: – Phone: +9619547262 ext: 2373
Concentration in Buildings:
Dr. Issam Srour (AUB) – Email: – Phone +961350000 ext: 3491
Dr. Barbar Akle (LAU) – Email: – Phone +9619547262 ext: 2850
Dr. Khaled Tarabieh (AUC) – Email:

6-How can I change my specialization?

You can provided you have received prior acceptance to another specialization. You can change your specialization by contacting the following number:
AUB Students:
Telephone: +961-1-340460 / 350000
Extensions: 3485 – 2513 – 3409
LAU Students:
Telephone: +961-9-786454
Extensions: 1162 – 2369 – 2233- 2373 – 2850
AUC Students:
Telephone: +2-26154333

7-If I chose one of the specializations, would I be able to take courses in the other two specializations as well?

You can take elective courses in the other two concentrations and the credits would count.

8-In terms of credits per semester, is there a minimum and maximum credit load?

The limit for credits is 9 per semester. There is no limit on the minimum credit you can take per semester. Since the degree is for part-time students as well, you can register 5 credits or 3 credits. The average load is supposed to be 5 or 6 credits.

9-What is the maximum allowed length of my study?

The maximum allowed length to complete the Pro-Green Diploma is 3 years.

10-Am I able to have a double or triple specialization?

You can of course have a double or triple specialization. Courses for one concentration count as electives for the other. The minimum for the diploma is 18 credits for one concentration, 26 credits for double and 34 credits for a triple specialization.

11-If I am interested in having a double or triple specialization, how do I go about it?

You can indicate interest at any time by contacting us:
AUB Students:
Telephone: +961-1-340460 / 350000
Extensions: 3485 – 2513-3409
LAU students:
Telephone: +961-1-786454
Extensions: 1162 – 2369 – 2233- 2373 – 2850
AUC Students:
Telephone: +2-26154333

12-The program includes credits on lab sessions to be attended either in Lebanon or in Cairo; however I don’t live in either country, what would be the solution for such inconvenience?

There are three lab sessions that are not virtual and these can be taken by students living abroad through TeamViewer; however, they are not mandatory and the diploma can be completed 100% online.

13-How do I hand in my assignments and submit my exams?

All courses will be completed online. The administration of final exams is online but they may depend on the instructor. If there is any exam on campus, you will know about it from the syllabus before you register. We do aim to have the degree offered to be completely online.

14-When will courses be available on Moodle?

Courses will be available on Moodle for registered students on the first day of classes.

15- What happens after I receive an incomplete grade (I) on my course?

If you have received an incomplete grade on your course, your grade will be automatically marked as an F in case you do not complete your remaining work within the first 2 weeks of the next term.

16-Can I transfer my Pro-Green credits to an MS or PhD program?

So far no decision has been made regarding the possibility of transferring Pro-Green credits to the MS or PhD program because Pro-Green courses are offered online and focus on applications. This is a new initiative at AUB that requires further study to possibly develop means for transferring some credits.

17-Does Pro-Green provide financial aid for this diploma?

Currently, no financial aid applies to this diploma.

18-If I have a problem with any of the following, whom do I contact?

AUB: Email: Phone +96135 00 00 ext 2575
LAU: Email: Phone + +961 1 786456 ext 211
AUC: Email: Phone +20 2 2615 5965
AUB Students:
Telephone: +961-1-340460 / 350000
Extensions: 3485 – 2513 – 3409
LAU students:
Telephone: +961-1-786454
Extensions: 1162 – 2369 – 2233- 2373 – 2850
AUC Students:
Telephone: +2-26154333

19-I received an email that I have been registered in a webinar course but I am currently unable to register for the semester and webinar. What am I supposed to do?

The webinar course is only intended for students registered in that particular term.

20-If I have to withdraw from my courses and do not want my grades to be affected, what can I do?

Withdraw 2 weeks prior to final exam time. Transcript will be marked as W. The amount paid will not be refunded and in case you wish to take the course again, you will have to pay its fees again.

21-I am an old returning student but I am unable to register. What am I supposed to do?

Old returning students who skip one or more terms are considered as new students and are therefore required to check the calendar of the specific term to register during the new students’ registration dates and to contact the Pro-Green team within that period who will forward their issue to the Registrar to reactivate their AUBnet account. Students can contact the Pro-Green team at the following email address:

22-How is the course delivered online? What online tools are used for delivering this course?

The courses are delivered via Moodle. It is an online platform that allows students to learn all the material virtually delivered by the instructor and connect virtually as well with other students in the same course.  We provide students with a Moodle Orientation once they are accepted and enrolled in the program.

23-I want to drop my course but I missed the drop and add deadline. What can I do ?
  • If you haven’t accessed Moodle and not followed the course material since the start of the term, you will receive an email post the drop and add deadline stating that if you do not settle your payment within 24 hours then you will automatically be dropped.
  •  If you have accessed Moodle and followed the course material since the start of the term, you shall receive an email warning you that you will be withdrawn – failure to inform us about your status within 24 hours will result in an outstanding balance.
24-I do not have time to complete my course anymore this term. Can I postpone the course and the tuition paid for the following term ?

Postponing the course and the tuition payment for the following term will not be possible; however, you have two options:

  1. Complete 2/3 of the course requirements (assignments, quizzes) then it will be marked on your transcript as Incomplete instead of an F. This option will have to be discussed with your course instructors.
  2. Send an email requesting to withdraw at least two weeks prior to the final exam time. Transcript will be marked as W. If you choose to retake these courses, you will have to register once again and the amount paid will not be refunded.
25-Who is exempted from the English requirement?

AUB, LAU, Balamand, NDU graduates, and graduates from universities in which English is the native language may be exempt from this requirement.

26- Do I have to create an ID?

No, it is not necessary to create an ID.