PRGR 699E, PRGR 699B, PRGR 699W

Students who have completed a minimum of 10 credits are eligible to register for the 2-credit project. Students can also suggest a topic for their project.

Pro-Green student projects up to date:

  1. Zero Net Energy House
  2. Design and Costing of a 1 MW PV Power Plant
  3. Design and Costing of a 1 MW Solar Concentrator Thermal Power Plant
  4. Conversion of waste cooking oil to biodiesel
  5. Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage System
  6. Design of a 1MW CSP Plant
  7. Life Cycle Assessment and Energy Policy
  8. Building Air-Conditioning System Powered by Solar Energy in Beirut, Lebanon
  9. Net-Zero Building
  10. Sustainable Retrofit of Artist Residents, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
  11. Dar El Handassa HQ Project- Smart Village- Cairo- Egypt
  12. Managing an oil contaminated site in Mount Lebanon
  13. Evaluation of BIM use in megaprojects in Egypt: case-study approach: The Grand Egyptian Museum case study
  14. Design and Operation of Sequential Batch Reactor for Nutrients Removal of Leachates
  15. The ventilation and air-conditioning design of a glass greenhouse garden project in Dubai
  16. A sustainability assessment of the Lebanese Electricity Sector or a policy framework/energy strategy for the Lebanese State
  17. The design of Wastewater Treatment Plant for Tilal Saint Georges Housing Project
  18. Installing a 116 kWp Photovoltaic solar system at rooftop of 10 floors building
  19. Passive Design Building
  20. Consider the impact of increasing window area for the sake of improving daylight and the impact of this on energy consumption
  21. Studying the potential to install a solar PV farm on the surface of the Naameh Landfill after the completion of the final cap on top of the landfill
  22. Environmental and economic analysis of a water network system using LCA
  23. Increase green footprint by using reject water from RO systems for irrigation purposes
  24. Design and cost of solar PV-powered water desalination plant
  25. Designing a green home with sustainable landscaping
  26. A grand Saida home 1880-2019- revealing 139 years of history
  27. Aramoun building- from conventional to green

Project Syllabus