Student Testimonials

"I discovered the Progreen Diploma while I was finishing my Masters in Engineering Management at LAU. The program took my immediate interest after knowing that it is an E-Learning program specialized in Building Sustainability and other sustainable fields. We need green concepts in our planet, rather more we need it in Lebanon since it is the future. I knew I had to take this opportunity to expand my knowledge in this field and be prepared for the upcoming green future. I fulfilled the requirements of the program while I was working as a Civil Engineer in Lebanon and didn't feel pressure since the program facilitates your studies through the internet thus leaving us the choice of study schedule. It was a good experience and I am hoping to apply my knowledge in the near future."
Civil Engineer- Buildings Specialization
Karim Chidiac
"Quoting former United Nations’ Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, there is no “Plan B” for climate action as there is no “Planet B”. The planet is in dire need for everybody to take action to curb the detrimental impact of climate change, hence the timely importance of this diploma that trains professionals on several aspects of sustainability, especially given the significance of the tackled fields: buildings, energy, and water; which are the areas of biggest concern in our region."
Sustainable Development Professional- Water Specialization
Kamil Hamati
"I undertook the ProGreen Diploma (Energy specialization) for a year and a half alongside my job and additional courses I was taking. It was a good experience with some knowledgeable instructors and a very flexible curriculum."
Assistant General Manager- Energy Specialization
Chris Fadel
"Progreen diploma has been for sure an added value to my educational path. I benefited from the information given to me more than I anticipated. Truly an enriching and unique way of attaining knowledge."
Environmental Health- Water Specialization
Assia Noureddine
" The American University of Beirut proves again that it is unique and a cornerstone amongst many universities, not only in the Middle East, but worldwide. The Progreen Diploma is one of the few professional graduate studies around the world, which focuses on the applied green technologies and tackles the day to day concerns facing the built environment industry with regards to sustainability. When I enrolled, the idea was to take few courses which are relevant to my work in energy optimization and sustainability. This continued until I suddenly discovered that I already completed the requirements for the diploma, when I found myself automatically registered by the university for the final project. The diploma has widely reflected in my work. Achieving the goals and acquiring the objectives of the courses added value to the tasks I usually do in my company such as energy audits, modeling, indoor environmental quality assessments, financial analysis, sustainable building designs, etc., despite my long work experience of around 20 years. Building services engineers, aiming to progress in their careers, will become well equipped by enrolling in this extraordinary program."
Managing Director- Buildings Specialization
Azmi S. Aboul-Hoda
"While entering the era of renewable energy with continuous debates about the vision between the superpowers, the Pro-Green diploma granted me detailed knowledge on sustainability and green technologies. It allowed me to differentiate between the brown economic & financial interests of a group, the benefits of the green economy preserving the human well-being, planet’s resources, ecology, and financial interests of green technology professionals. That green economy is promising and progressing; hence, creating new opportunities which require more expertise that could be found among the Pro-Greeners. Let’s be part of those advanced professionals! Let's be part of that global State Of Mind. As a working professional living in a different part of the world, the online program offered by three accredited universities facilitated my learning experience. The successful and well planned training trips and projects provided hands on experience through meeting professionals and experts from a diversified group of skills and backgrounds, forming a long-lasting friendship. Meeting professors who offered full dedication and comprehensive support to enrich the students’ knowledge, provided me the opportunity to deal with the pillars of sustainability in Lebanon and the Middle East. Thank you Pro-Green Team for that successful experience. I hope to meet again through an online program in a different specialization"
Landscape & Sustainability Engineer - Buildings Specialization
Bernard Loutfi
"The Pro-green Diploma was my first experience with online education, and I am comfortable to say that the program exceeded my expectations. The lectures were well prepared, organized and comprehensive. The assignments were motivating and pushed me to do additional research about each topic, they were also flexible and fit my work schedule. On the other hand despite the diploma being purely online, I was also able to meet great people and build new friendships, especially through group work activities and through the technical trip to Italy and Sweden. Furthermore, what I found even more appealing is the effort that the pro-green team puts to stay in contact with us graduates informing us about events, and the latest industry news through their social media platforms. Finally, I would like to thank all the contributors to the program who were able to make it a truly unforgettable experience."
Architect - Buildings Specialization
Samer Salim
“Thanks to this professional Diploma, I had so many opportunities that I will forever be grateful for. I would say that the journey itself was very beneficial to me. In fact, I have gained not only professional knowledge in the world of sustainability and Green Buildings in particular, but I also had the privilege to meet amazing Professors, from AUB, LAU, AUC, Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and LUND university (Sweden). What is more, I met amazing colleagues who eventually became very good friends of mine.”
Civil Engineer - Buildings Specialization
Cynthia Kreidi
“I found out about the Pro-Green Diploma while looking to make a transition in my professional career to the green sector. The diploma appealed to me because I could work from any location and at my own pace. It also allowed me to explore several different technologies and subjects within the field instead of focusing on only one. Through this program, I’ve had the opportunity to network with professionals in the field, observe real-life applications of new technologies, and become active within the green community. Most importantly, while studying the topic of sustainability, I understood how it could be applied to all aspects of life and not just within my career. If you are a self-driven, dedicated, and creative professional, the possibilities of this diploma are endless.”
Sustainable Design Engineer - Buildings and Energy Specializations
Mahmoud J. Harb
"In a rapidly changing world, one in which environmental awareness and sustainable practices are gaining momentum, our standard ways of doing things are gradually becoming obsolete. It is precisely for this reason that I chose to enroll in the Progreen Diploma, in hopes to fast-track and update my professional skills to suit the changing trends. A year later, I attest that the Progreen surpassed my every single expectation. Not only did it equip me with the most advanced methods and technologies of resource-efficient architectural design, but it managed to transcend the traditional classroom setting to create a vibrant platform of knowledge exchange. Through a diverse body of faculty members and student experiences, backgrounds, and professions, the education I received throughout the semesters was an interdisciplinary and multidimensional one. Challenging but focused course materials, fierce but friendly class discussions, and long but flexible study hours, all contributed to an unorthodox but exciting learning experience. And to top it all, a training trip to Italy and Sweden came to conclude my studies and consecrate a fellowship of colleagues whose friendship I hope will endure a lifetime. As I graduate, I thank everyone who made all of this a life-changing experience!”
Architect – Buildings Specialization
Rony Hobeika
"I would first like to say that I am proud to be from the first batch to have completed the credentials for the Pro-Green diploma at AUB. With my full-time job and busy life, the online platform has proven to be professionally challenging and rewarding as much as flexible and convenient for my tight schedule. Initially, I was a little unsure of how smooth a completely online engineering program would run; however, I was impressed with the quality of education and teaching methods. The professors have been knowledgeable, accessible, and approachable and their experiences enriched the course materials and our knowledge as a result. Before, I used to hear about green initiatives from time to time, but now thanks to Pro-Green I know how to live it. My decisions in life and career are shaped by what I learnt about being green. This program has definitely been a career-changing experience for me! I would strongly recommend it to almost any working professional."
Electrical Engineer - Buildings Specialization
Shukri Habib
​“The pro-green diploma has exceeded all of my expectations. Offered through a user-friendly online platform, the program allowed me to broaden my viewpoints from frameworks and theories to a professional point of view. The courses content intrigued me the most finding that they are mostly tailored for our region and I was very impressed with the diversity among participants which made the courses activities and discussions way more compelling. Finally, sustainable development is more than just a passing trend. It represents a paradigm shift in the field of architecture and a more sustainable way to secure the future of urbanization. We have many life responsibilities, building sustainable should be one of them!”
Architect - Buildings Specialization
Joey Aoun
“Learning is a never ending process. As our careers progress, we accumulate more knowledge and broaden our horizons. The pace at which we learn differs with the nature of our careers, the surrounding environment, our motivations, and knowledge of future technologies. After 23 years of work experience, joining Pro-Green was a definitive tool to leverage my awareness with regards to future demands and technologies. The energy industry is passing through a series of vital changes that have a great impact on market demands and technologies. Exploiting the sustainable methodologies of energy as a global and local prime concern, generation and efficient utilization is an essential passage to develop that platform. Being a fully online driven program, the chance to accumulate most advanced techniques is real… don’t miss it.”
Electrical Engineer - Energy Specialization
Salah Y. Alassi
"Getting the chance to rejoin my alma mater has been a 28-year old secret desire. Being able to fulfill such desire, with my hectic work schedule, in a flexible, online learning environment was a lifetime opportunity. Pro-Green diploma fit perfectly with my aspirations for gearing my business towards sustainable engineering and efficient energy use. The whole MENA region is ready to embrace sustainable construction as the way forward towards durable development. This is the future: come on board / join the ride."
Mechanical Engineer - Energy and Buildings Specializations
Osman M. Adra
"I am happy and proud to have completed the online professional diploma in green buildings. It was a real challenge for me as a working professional married with two kids. My eagerness to continue my education in green and sustainability topics compelled me to join the diploma, and what captured my interest was not only the variety of topics the diploma offered, but also its flexibility and convenience with regards to my tight schedule. Moreover, ever since I pursued the diploma, I was able to acquire a deeper academic knowledge and incorporate it into my professional work. The diploma offered a wealth of courses that gave me the perspective needed to fully understand the green buildings concept. In addition, the technical trip to Italy and Sweden where I visited solar and wind farms, net zero and energy plus houses, and waste to energy plants, added a lot to my knowledge, and helped me develop lifelong learning skills in these technologies. Finally, I would like to thank all Pro-Green staff and recommend this professional diploma to all professionals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in green technologies."
Civil Engineer - Buildings Specialization
Mohammad Onsi
"I am new to ProGreen, just joined in Fall 2017 and my experience has been very positive. I find the program to be very rewarding and engaging, the fact that it is online actually made my study easier. Online courses are just a perfect match to our modern tech-based life style. ProGreen is a great exposure for professional engineers and architects, I definitely encourage you all to join, I am advocating the program in my professional network as well. There is so much to learn with every course."
Sustainability Architect- Buildings Specialization
Sherif Ramzy
"I feel there is a big difference before and after joining the pro-green program. This unique program has added to my qualitative experience in sustainability. It allowed me to broaden my viewpoints from frameworks and theories to a professional point of view specifically in sustainable energy field. Moreover, I can now analyze things not only from a scientific point of view, but through the experience gained by Pro-Green especially entering a different job market. The professors have been knowledgeable, accessible, and approachable and their experiences enriched the course materials and our knowledge as a result. Thank you all the AUB staff and teachers and I would strongly recommend it to my colleagues and any working professional."
Expert Engineer- Energy Specialization
Ahmad Al-Kofahi
​"Pro-Green diploma has been very useful for me as a professional engineer aspiring to work in the field of sustainability, green engineering, as well as energy management. A few years ago after my retirement, I decided to change my career path from the steel industry to sustainability in energy and buildings. In general I was concerned about the energy efficiency and solar energy systems in Egypt; however , after completing the diploma, the road ahead for me became clearer. I very much enjoyed the program especially that it was fully online and allowed me to keep up with my lifestyle and other commitments. In addition, I also enjoyed working with world-class faculty and benefited from their different methods of instruction and the interaction with other students. The networking and the exposure that the program offered were also great. I would recommend the Pro-Green diploma to fresh graduates as well as senior engineers because it would prove as valuable for them as it was for me, especially in the field of energy and buildings, knowing that the future of lies in renewable resources and its efficient use. Thanks to AUC and AUB for allowing me this chance, and for all their help and support throughout the journey."
Mechanical Engineer- Energy and Buildings Specialization
Mohamed E. Khamis Algerba