Course Listing

Tentative Spring 2020 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline February 27.

No.CoursesCourse Title CreditsFaculty MemberUniversity
PRGR 602Core Green Technologies System Approach to Sustainability & Management3Dr. Khaled TarabiehAUC
PRGR 604EnergySolar PV Electricity2Dr. Dima FaresAUB
PRGR 620EnergyEnergy Systems & Sustainable Environments2Dr. Wassim HabchiLAU
PRGR 639BuildingsConstruction & Demolition Waste Management2Dr. Issam SrourAUB
PRGR 643BuildingsRefrigeration and Heat Pumps2Dr. Kamel Abou GhaliAUB
PRGR 664WaterWater Instrumentation2Dr. Barbar AkleLAU
PRGR 666WaterWater Infrastructure Systems2Dr. Emad ImamAUC
PRGR 670ElectiveLife Cycle Assessment2Dr. Omar El NedyAUC
PRGR 680ElectiveInnovation & Knowledge Transfer2Dr. Fadl BdeirAUB