Course Listing

Tentative Summer 2019 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline June 19.

No.CoursesCourse Title CreditsFaculty MemberUniversity
PRGR 601CoreGreen Economy, Policies, and Law3Dr. Khaled NassarAUC
PRGR 603EnergySolar Radiation and Energy Conversion2Dr. Amr Serag El DinAUC
PRGR 620EnergyEnergy Systems & Sustainable Environments2Dr. Wassim HabchiLAU
PRGR 631BuildingsLow Energy Architecture & Passive Design2Dr. Alain MakhoulLAU
PRGR 633BuildingsRenewable Energy Systems & Energy Efficiency in Buildings2Dr. Nesreen GhaddarAUB
PRGR 677ElectiveCost Benefit Analysis2Dr. Ghassan ChehabAUB
PRGR 699BProjectProject for Buildings2Dr. Kamel Abou Ghali/ Dr. Ghassan Chehab/ Dr. Alain MakhoulAUB/LAU
PRGR 699EProjectProject for Energy2Dr. Kamel Abou Ghali/ Dr. Wassim Habchi/ Dr. Mohamed Amr Serag-EldinAUB/LAU/AUC
PRGR 699WProjectProject for Water2Dr. Emad ImamAUC