Course Listing

Fall 2018 Course Listing

The availability of courses is subject to change post the drop and add deadline September 27.

No.CoursesCourse Title CreditsFaculty MemberUniversity
PRGR 601CoreGreen Economy, Policies, and Law3Dr. Khaled NassarAUC
PRGR 603EnergySolar Radiation and Energy Conversion2Dr. Amr Serag El DinAUC
PRGR 605EnergyWind Energy2Mr. Tony FaddoulLAU
PRGR 609EnergyRenewable Energy Lab2Dr. Dima FaresAUB
PRGR 630BuildingsSustainable Restoration of Existing Buildings2Dr. Ghassan ChehabAUB
PRGR 667WaterWater Treatment & Water Desalination2Dr. Ahmad ElgendyAUC
PRGR 669WaterGreen Agriculture & Irrigation Systems2Dr. Hadi JaafarAUB
PRGR 680Elective Innovation and Knowledge Transfer2Dr. Fadl BdeirAUB
PRGR 699B ProjectBuildings2Dr. Issam Srour/ Dr. Ghassan Chehab/ Dr. Khaled TarabiehAUB/ AUC
PRGR 699EProject Energy2Dr. Dima FaresAUB