Ms. Hana AnoutiAmerican University of BeirutGraduate Council
Mr. Moueen SalamehAmerican University of BeirutRegistrar
Mr. Zaher Abu DaherAmerican University of BeirutRegistrar
Mr. Rami FarranAmerican University of BeirutInformation Technology
Ms. Rana HaddadAmerican University of BeirutE-Learning Team
Ms. Rayan FayedAmerican University of BeirutE-Learning Team
Mr. Wissam NahasAmerican University of BeirutE-Learning Team
Ms. Hiba ObeidAmerican University of BeirutProject Manager
Ms. Sandrine AssaadAmerican University of BeirutExecutive Assistant
Ms. Jasmine Farhat American University of BeirutResearch Assistant
Mr. Ziad ZiadehAmerican University of BeirutAdmissions
Ms. Maha HamadAmerican University of BeirutComptroller
Mr. Nizar YounesAmerican University of BeirutComptroller
Ms. Alia Kazma American University of Beirut Student Services Manager
Mr. Fouad SalibiLebanese American UniversityRegistrar
Mr. Eddy JuvelikianLebanese American UniversityRegistrar
Mr. Imad MuslehLebanese American UniversityInformation Technology
Ms. Anita BadawyLebanese American UniversityBusiness Office
Ms. Roula HayekLebanese American UniversityBusiness Office
Mr. Michel ChahineLebanese American UniversityBusiness Office
Ms. Sonia HajjarLebanese American UniversityBudgets and Grants
Ms. Sereen MalakLebanese American UniversityAdmissions
Ms. Nada HajjLebanese American UniversityAdmissions
Mr. Alex ChoulhadjianLebanese American UniversityStudent Information System
Ms. Niveen Salah American University in CairoApplicant and Participant Follow Up
Mr. Amr TawfikAmerican University in CairoMarketing Dissemination
Ms. Shatha HamidAmerican University in CairoMarketing
Ms. Salwa SrourAmerican University in CairoRegistrar
Mr. Hany KhalilAmerican University in CairoMoodle/Information Technology