Hadi Jaafar, PhD, Associate Prof. Agriculture, AUB
“The Water specialization of the Pro-green diploma enriches the professional experience of engineers, practitioners, and students by offering  a broad yet focused range of subjects within the courses. The flexibility of listening to lectures and taking quizzes make this diploma ideal for working engineers with limited time who want to delve deeper into the best-practices in the water profession.”

 Tony Faddoul, Part-Time Instructor, LAU
"The Progreen Diploma program is a great opportunity for professionals who are instigating renewable energy and green building fields in the Middle East. The diverse background of the students shows that sustainability is part of every domain, not an isolated topic. The online setup helps keeping the materials and topics current with the related advancements and breakthroughs."

F16_IssamSrour1.jpgIssam Srour, PhD, Associate Prof. Civil and Environmental Engineering, AUB 

The Pro- Program is off to a great start! The program has been able to attract a diverse group of enthusiastic students. The students are professional architects, sceintists, and engineers wich specialize in different disciplines. They bring to the virtual classroom their experience gained working on projects in Lebanon, Egypt, Gulf Countries, and Europe. The students are self motivated, and are keen on learning about green buildings, energy, and water. As instructors, it is our duty to facilitate this process by sharing the latest literature and discussing the state of practice with respect to green technologies. I have been fortunate to work with students on topics related to sustainable construction, green building rating systems, and construction and demolition waste." 

  Wassim Habchi, PhD, Associate Prof. Mechanical Engineering, LAU
"The Progreen Diploma is a unique (in the Middle East region) professional diploma in green technologies. It is unique in terms of the proposed content and specialization tracks (Buildings, Energy and Water) but most importantly in the delivery method: e-learning. It offers professionals an opportunity to enroll for graduate studies without career disruptions as courses are mostly delivered online with a high level of flexibility in lecture times, assignment delivery and assessment tools. In addition, the course offerings are designed to tackle state-of-the-art “green” topics and technologies within the different specialization tracks. The diploma can be of tremendous importance for practitioners (Engineers and Architects) wanting to specialize in green technologies and sustainability."

 Alain Makhoul, PhD, Associate Prof. Mechanical Engineering, LAU
"The pro-green diploma program was developed in response to the increasing world energy demands which is putting enormous pressures on the limited earth resources. This diploma provides professionals with the adequate tools to resolve any environmental or energy related issues effectively. The online courses are developed by professionals and academics in collaboration with experienced instructional designers which makes the acquisition of knowledge and skills more efficient and appealing. The course delivery method is flexible and allows the learner to organize his schedule conveniently without hindering the learning process. This was well received by the students’ community and fostered the development of new courses that tackled more challenging technical aspects of sustainable development. In brief, the pro-green diploma has a promising future in increasing awareness about the importance of green technologies and green processes.”

  Ghassan R Chehab, PhD, Associate Prof. Civil & Environmental Engineer, AUB
"The Pro-Green diploma combines two essential success factors. First, it exposes professionals to the latest on sustainable development, one of the hottest topics in research and a must nowadays in industry. Second, the fact that it is online offers participants the flexibility to incorporate it comfortably within their busy daily schedules. The importance of having such a diploma in the region lies in the fact that courses are mostly tailored for our region and target our region's basic needs. The concepts are not far-fetched and can be easily implemented by the participants in their respective careers. As such, the Pro-Green diploma is a great initiative towards more serious incorporation of sustainable development in our region."

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