The Energy specialization in the Green Technology Diploma program provide in depth knowledge in renewable and alternative energy sources and their conversion and utilization in different forms in buildings and systems. It offers both quantitative and qualitative tools for design and evaluation of renewable energy systems for integration in building systems and industrial processes to improve performance and enhance sustainability.
The Buildings specialization in the Green Technology Diploma program aims to provide in-depth knowledge in sustainable practices for building design, construction, operation, and demolition processes. It offers both quantitative and qualitative tools for design and evaluation of performance of new and existing buildings including materials, envelope, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems that provide comfort and good air quality, and building energy demands. It also offers essential knowledge of green building concepts needed for rating buildings and minimizing their impact on the environment and the depletion of natural resources.
The Water specialization in the Green Technology Diploma program provides breadth and depth knowledge in the area of water resources management and waste water treatment and the understanding of water and waste water quality, legislation and standards.

Admissions Requirments

Bachelor degree in architecture, engineering, or science
Passport or national ID
English Language Proficiency Requirement (ELPR score if applicable)

Summer Admissions Deadline


A word from our professors and students

"The Pro-Green diploma combines two essential success factors. First, it exposes professionals to the latest on sustainable development, one of the hottest topics in research and a must nowadays in industry. Second, the fact that it is online offers participants the flexibility to incorporate it comfortably within their busy daily schedules. The importance of having such a diploma in the region lies in the fact that courses are mostly tailored for our region and target our region's basic needs. The concepts are not far-fetched and can be easily implemented by the participants in their respective careers. As such, the Pro-Green diploma is a great initiative towards more serious incorporation of sustainable development in our region."
Ghassan Chehab
PhD, Associate Prof. Civil & Environmental Engineer, AUB
"Let’s be part of those advanced professionals! Let's be part of that global State Of Mind. As a working professional living in a different part of the world, the online program offered by three accredited universities facilitated my learning experience. The successful and well planned training trips and projects provided hands on experience through meeting professionals and experts from a diversified group of skills and backgrounds, forming a long-lasting friendship. Meeting professors who offered full dedication and comprehensive support to enrich the students’ knowledge, provided me the opportunity to deal with the pillars of sustainability in Lebanon and the Middle East. Thank you Pro-Green Team for that successful experience. I hope to meet again through an online program in a different specialization"
Bernard Loutfi
Landscape & Sustainability Engineer - Buildings Specialization

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